What Are The Advantages LED Wall Screen Over Projectors?

LED wall screen is taking place of projectors. In recent years, LED wall screen have become increasingly popular for use in various applications such as showrooms, conference rooms, retail sectors as well as monitor centers. One of the main reasons for this is the numerous advantages over traditional projectors. In this article, we'll explore [...]

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Choosen of Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Today, outdoor LED displays dominate the advertising field. According to the different needs of each project, such as the choice of pixels, resolution, price, playback content, display lifespan, and front or rear maintenance, there will be different trade-offs. Of course, the load-bearing capacity of the installation site, the ambient brightness, the viewing distance and viewing [...]

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How To Make A Greener LED Video Wall?

Energy green has become a major theme of today's era. As humanl life is getting better, the environmental pollution is also increasing. Therefore, human beings must protect our world. Nowadays, all walks of life are also advocating the manufacture of green and environmental friendly products. How can LED companies develop and design LED video wall [...]

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4 Precautions for LED Board

Research shows that 65% of people consider themselves visual learners. If you want to attract the audience's attention and convey any information through the visual power of LED board. Then you must understand some precautions to help you avoid unnecessary problems. Let you easily find the right LED board. 1. Is the LED board installed [...]

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What Are The Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor LED Display

The so-called outdoor LED screen refers to the LED panel specially used outdoors. The size is generally between 10 square meters and hundreds of square meters. The brightness is relatively high. It can work under direct sunlight and must be windproof, rainproof and waterproof. The indoor LED screen is a display used indoor. What are [...]

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3 Ways of Installation for LED Video Walls

The 3 most commonly used method for the LED video wall installation are: Floor standing, Hanging Installation, and Wall Mounted. A big portion of our client will choose a suitable installation method for their own LED Wall according to site status and space requirements. To help you understand the possibilities of how to install LED [...]

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5 Main Elements Affect the LED Wall Screen Prices

LED Wall provides various benefits to many different types of businesses and organizations, From churches and academies, event venues to corporate offices, trade shows and more. If your organization is considering investing in LED Walls or other LED products, congratulations! We know that LED Wall technology will enhance your customer experience and add new interactive elements to [...]

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